Why Use A. Lyons?

Fasteners Wholesale, Global Importing

A. Lyons is a USA based importer of wholesale fasteners and other products that has been helping small to mid-size manufacturers import the specialty components which are  critical in their manufacturing processes.

A. Lyons for Small to Mid-size Business Wholesale Fasteners

For eight decades A.Lyons has been a solid partner helping small and mid-size manufacturers buy overseas as a seamless part of their business offering wholesale fasteners and other imported, bulk parts. We give manufacturers access to working capital, we provide access to legitimate factories and professionals overseas who we have long-term relationships. Our experience ensures the quality and timeliness you need for production and the quality your customers expect every time. Simply put:

“We make importing easy so you don’t have to do it”

Working with A. Lyons:

  • ·        Minimizes The Risk of Inferior Components: Samples are provided in advance and production runs do not begin until we have your signed approval.
  • ·        Keeps your working capital working so it works for you longer: You pay us when the finished product is on board not as it goes into production.
  • ·        Competitive Pricing: Our low overhead and long term relationships with overseas factories/professionals result in better prices
  • ·       No challenges with packaging for the final product: Whether it is for retail display or bulk distribution, we can provide what you want, when you want it.
  • ·       Proven track record: Eight decades of working with our customers to really understand their business and help them grow with the components they need.
  • ·       Service: Our employees have been with us an average of 14 years. Experience, knowledge and commitment make us nimble. When you have a problem we own it and we can respond quickly because we understand your business. (We make it our business to understand yours)