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A. Lyons & Co., Inc. is a worldwide sourcer of made-to-print fasteners, custom fasteners, and other components.

Fasteners by A. Lyons & Co., Inc.

Since 1933, A. Lyons has offered customers a range of standard and imported wholesale fasteners. Based out of Manchester, Massachusetts, A. Lyons specializes in quality standard and custom fasteners including made-to-print screws, bolts, nails, nuts, custom fasteners of every imaginable head, length and width, and stamped or forged parts to fit your exact specifications.

International Relationships with A. Lyons

Long term relationships with manufacturers in Asia and Europe mean a wide range of sources for customers. Whether your business requires custom bolts, custom tacks, or non-standard nails, A. Lyons is your best resource for not only competitive prices on wholesale fasteners, but also customer care that is second to none.

A Track Record You Can Trust

For over 86 years, A. Lyons has specialized in imported fasteners from all over the globe. Specialty fasteners are a critical component of many manufacturing companies, but with A. Lyons, the leg-work is already done. Years of experience have made A. Lyons an authority on quality, efficiency and the lowest prices possible for the custom screws, fasteners, rods or washers customers require. A. Lyons already has an established background with the sources overseas, and takes care of the hassle of international customs rules. The ease of communication, attentive service and quality products A. Lyons provides keeps customers from all manufacturing niches loyal.