Vulcanized Fiber Sheets, Rolls, & More

vulcanized fiber sheetsvulcanized fiber sheets

A. Lyons offers a unique selection of vulcanized fiber to used in a variety of different applications. We pride ourselves at being able to understand and anticipate the needs and wants of our customers before an order is even placed. Vulcanized fiber is a cellulose product that contains no resin or bonding agents. It is manufactured in vulcanized fiber sheets, rolls, rods, tubes and coils. Our vulcanized fiber solutions are ideal options to use for an extensive array of industrial service needs.

We currently offer the following solutions, including but not limited to: Electrical appliances and devices, Luggage, Abrasive Discs, Washers, Automotive applications, Electrical insulation, Circuit breakers, Gaskets, and Welding masks.

We are very much committed to providing the highest quality, the best value, most competitive prices, and on-time deliveries to all of our customers. For nearly eight decades,  A. Lyons has made it our goal to be a reliable partner for small and mid-sized businesses. We strive to make importing overseas as streamlined as possible, so you don’t have to deal with it! We can have mill shipments drop-shipped directly to your warehouse in FCL or LCL quantities.

If you have any questions about the vulcanized fiber sheets, vulcanized rolls or any other products we offer please do not hesitate to call us at (978)526-4244 or email: and one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.